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Premium One Contracting  Specializing in Commercial
Summer Maintenance and Snow Removal

We specialize in year-round maintenance for commercial properties.

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Every commercial client wants their property to look well cared for and inviting, even if your business doesn’t involve a lot of client traffic on-site. Safety and accessibility are extremely important to your employees and your clients.

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Summer services

Regular grass maintenance, , Gardening (flowerbeds, tree planting, seasonal planters) , Irrigation (start-ups/blowouts), aerator/dethatching , Weed control & fertilization

Winter maintenance

We have dedicated crews with plow trucks, skid steers, and backpack blowers offering all your snow removal needs.

Whether you operate or own a restaurant, retail space, office building, or a group of properties used for commercial business, landscaping can be a major benefit to your company’s appeal, your property’s value, and your customer’s satisfaction.

Summer services
Winter services

We know our clients in the retail and service industries want their stores and office buildings to look their best. But industrial facilities can also benefit from high-quality landscaping, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We are pleased to work with a range of industrial clients to keep their properties clean, safe and inviting. Some of our industrial clients include:

  • Regular grass maintenance
  • Gardening (flowerbeds, tree planting, seasonal planters)
  • Irrigation (start-ups/blowouts), aerator/dethatching
  • Weed control & fertilization
  • Parking lot sweeping in spring

For commercial and industrial clients, the basics matter. Your landscape certainly doesn’t need to be a suburban oasis if you’re operating a warehouse. However, neat and well-tended are descriptions you want to apply to any commercial property. It says “We care about our community” loud and clear. Some of the most important commercial landscape services include:


  • Production plants
  • Warehouses
  • Supply facilities
  • Shipping facilities
  • Transport companies

Premium One Contracting is equipped with plow trucks, skid steers
and backpack blowers.

We also have a dedicated sidewalk crew for faster clean-up. We also offer both sanding or salting parking lots (most companies do either one or the other).

These services help make your business safer and more accessible, even during snowy, icy winters.

We understand the need for keeping your business safer and more accessible during the cold, snowy winters We offer professional dependable snow and ice removal services.
Our commercial snow and ice removal services in Airdrie include:
• Snow plowing to clear walkways, parking lots, & roads
• Hand shoveling to clean walkways, patios, & pedestrian areas
• De-icing surfaces with salt & and our environmentally friendly deicers
• Support to help your business address ever-changing weather conditions

We understand the value that comes with well-maintained outdoor spaces, whether it’s for your business, communal residential, or personal use, and that’s why we offer flexible, reliable, and affordable service options to best suit your needs and budget. We are grateful for the trust that has been given to us; our knowledgeable and experienced team has achieved huge success by consistently going above and beyond to satisfy our customers.